7 Women’s Fashion Tips That Can Change Your Life

womens fashion tips

It’s amazing how women can maintain a perfect balance between family and career life (and sometimes, love as well). But when it comes to fashion, every woman could use a helping hand from experts so they can look and feel good every time they take out something from their closets.

So if you’re looking for practical advice, then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to tackle the 7 women’s fashion tips that can change your life in today’s post.

Let’s begin…

Take It From Pro Stylists

Navigating the different pathways of style can be a bit tricky, but if you follow these simple and proven women’s fashion tips, you’ll be sassy style guru in no time:


Knowing If A Pair Of Jeans Will Fit Without Trying It In The Dressing Room

Ready for an awesome style hack? According to a director of a popular fashion company, determining if the pair of jeans will fit you or not can be done by simply wrapping the waist of the jeans around your neck.

If the ends of the waist meet at the back of your neck without stretching or overlapping, then it’s an indication that it will fit you perfectly. And the reason for this is the circumference of your neck is half of the measurement of your waistline.

You may find this neck trick to be somewhat shocking, but it surely works!


Create A Stlylish-Looking Outfit Just By Using These 3 key Pieces

Fashion trends can be complicated. And at times, it may not look good on you at all. But the thing is you can make any look fashionable just by combining these 3 key items: a flattering pair of sunglasses, a stunning leather bag, and a classy pair of shoes that you can easily wear throughout the day.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re wearing a plain shirt with jeans or a casual everyday dress because their 3 fashion items can effortlessly transform your look into glamorous chic that other girls will surely envy.


Test Bright Colored Clothes Using A Lipstick Or Accessories

Anyone can mix and match bright colors in styling and use it to their advantage, but if you’re having second thoughts then it’s best to try them out first while wearing your lipstick of choice first.

This is a smarter approach as not all styles will look good on you, especially if you don’t feel confident while wearing them. So before investing in a citron-colored blouse, see to it that it looks good when paired with your favorite lipstick or cuff bracelet.


Cowboy-Inspired Accessories Can Serve As Alternative For Traditional Jewelry

If you like to diversify your accessory game, you can use cowboy-inspired accessories to take the place of your usual accessories. For instance, instead of wearing a chain necklace during fall or winter, you can opt for warmer alternatives such as a graphic handkerchief turned into a neckerchief as they are bold and eye-catching, and it keeps you warm too.

You can even take it a notch higher by wearing a vintage bandana as this will add bonus points to your overall get up.


Wear The Most Basic Hairstyle Impressively

Achieving an Instagram-worthy hairstyle is not impossible, even if your hair dressing skills are very basic. In fact, you can easily fancy up your hair just by weaving silk in your braids. Just like that! And it looks like you did something extraordinary than you did.


Use A Belt To Pop On A Sexy Look

Wearing a belt provides an illusion of figure to make your body look sexier than the usual. Moreover, putting on a smart-colored is the best way to pull off a fashionable look without even trying hard as it immediately elevates your casual outfit into a vogue everyday wear.


Online Shopping Does Wonders If You Use A Tape Measure

And the entry on this list of women’s fashion tips has something to do with shopping for clothes online. Without a doubt, most women do this these days. And unfortunately, picking up women’s fashion items online can be a hit or miss.

So if you want to be sure that you get the right products online, it is recommended that you memorize your own measurements. Not only your size but also the cuts, inseams, hip, shoulder, and waist measurements as much as possible to ensure your online shopping experience will be worthwhile and rewarding.

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