Getting Rid of Clutter: 11 Things You Don’t Need Right Now

getting rid of clutter

Start your year right by getting rid of your clutter!

It ain’t easy, for sure. You probably have sentimental attachments to some of your personal items, but once they seem like they only contribute to the muddle around your living space, you don’t have to continue dealing with them to this point.

In case you’re scared of having them thrown away, that’s not your only option. There are smart ways to dispose of unwanted things. We’ll get to that later.

For now, let’s go through all the things that you can say goodbye to right now.


5 Things You Don’t Need In Your Closet

closet clutter

  • Clothes you no longer wear

Even though some of them still fit you, if you haven’t worn them for a long time, you wouldn’t want to wear them anymore because you will just keep on adding newer clothes.

  • Shoes that have been sitting there for “a while”

Old shoes don’t feel comfy anymore, that’s why they’ve been sitting in your closet for an unconsciously far-off time.

  • Bed Sheets & Towels you’ve outgrown

There will come a time when you just have to move on from some things you don’t enjoy using anymore. So, give them out.

  • Socks & Gloves that don’t match

They’re not entirely useless, but they’re not exactly fashionable. You can re-purpose them, instead of keeping them as a part of your clutter.

  • Accessories that hang around in vain

Give up on items you can’t organize in your closet, especially the little accessories that are partly responsible for the mess around you.

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3 Things You Don’t Need In Your Kitchen

kitchen clutter

  • Leftovers from three days ago

If you can’t eat them, throw them. Three days is long enough for you to keep them inside because if they stay for more than that, your fridge will be crawling with molds and unwanted smell that might affect other food ingredients.

  • Expired Items in the pantry

Well, they’re expired, so there’s basically no use for them anymore. Take the time to check your kitchen items once in a while, especially when you notice how swamped your pantry is already.

  • Food Containers with deformed or missing parts

Check your food containers that look as if they’ve warped or missing lids & locks. Don’t think you might still use them, because you definitely won’t. They’ll only add up with all the clutter.


3 Things You Don’t Need In Your Living Space

remove clutter living room

  • Tapes and CDs that are broken from the past

Broken CDs and cassettes shouldn’t be welcome in your living space anymore. Go ahead and get rid of that clutter!

  • Make-Up that is losing their touch

Dump old make-up that already looks like they’re coming to an end. Check the color, texture, and consistency to know if they’re still useable.

  • Magazines, Manuals, and Menus

You must have kept magazines, manuals, and even menus around your house, thinking that you might need them one day. Well, if that day has passed, it’s time for them to go.


How To Get Rid Of Clutter: The Smart Way

Donate to Charity or Animal Shelters

Shelters for homeless people and animals would gladly find usage for your clutter, especially clothes, fabric, even furniture. Some of the things you don’t want anymore might exactly be the items that others desperately need.

Recycle or Re-purpose 

If you have the time and creativity, you can turn your old unused items into reusable things in the house.


You Can Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye

Which one do you think you can let go of first?

Find the strength to say goodbye to the things you have been keeping, but you have no use for right now.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do the decluttering all at once. Little by little, you can declutter your home from one space to another.

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