Decluttering Your Kitchen In 5 Simple Steps

decluttering kitchen 5 simple steps

If you love to cook, then chances are you spend most of the time in the kitchen. This part of the house has long been considered as the “heart of every household” as it is where the family usually gathers after a long day, share stories, cook meals, and eat.

Without a doubt, the kitchen plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives, which is why it is where most of the clutter is also usually found most of the time. And clutter tends to bring a negative vibe as it causes us to be stressed and overeat without even knowing it.

So we invite you to read this entry as we are going to talk about decluttering your kitchen in 5 simple steps in today’s entry.


How Clutter Affects Us In A Bad Way?

In a study conducted by the Environment and Behavior journal, it was found out that people who have chaotic kitchens tend to consume twice as much food compared to those who have tidy kitchens. And the reason for this is that the messy environment exacerbates confusion which can often lead to lack of control. Hence, having the tendency to eat more, especially junk food.


How Can A Clean Kitchen Help Save You Money?

Having a clean kitchen can help us cut on expenses in various ways. For starters, it can save us from medical expenses as we are encouraged to make healthy choices of the food we eat as having an organized kitchen causes you to snack on junk foods even less. And as a result, you will feel energized and develop a positive outlook as you continue to eat healthily.

And another reason why you can save money by having a clean kitchen is that you won’t have to purchase kitchen tools that you don’t really need. Just by organizing your kitchen stuff will allow you to locate things easily and won’t have to make any new purchases for tools that only have a single purpose.


So How Can You Remove The Clutter From Your Kitchen?

Below are the steps you need to follow in decluttering your kitchen:


Set A Schedule

Cleaning up the kitchen is not that easy to do, so don’t try to overwhelm yourself with tasks and try to finish it within a day or two. Instead, try to set a schedule and break up the task into several days so you can focus on one aspect for today like segregating the useful stuff from the things you want to discard and then taking care of the trash the next day.


Don’t Do Everything At Once

After setting up a schedule, the next thing you have to do is to deal with the kitchen one area at a time. Start from organizing the first drawer or cabinet then move on to the next once you until you have covered the entire corner. Always remember, decluttering at random will only lead to more mess. So be sure to work on it one area at a time.


Evaluate Every Item You Pick Up

Go through your kitchen items and ask yourself these questions:

  •  Am I using this?
  • How many of this do I own?
  • How often do I use this?
  • Is this useful or do I have to discard it?

These are some of the questions you need to ponder to prevent feeling the stress and anxiety as you try to organize and get rid of some kitchen items.


Remove What Doesn’t Belong

More often than not, there are some items that are not supposed to be found in the kitchen but it’s there lying around. So if you see some things like toys, makeups, toothbrushes (just to name a few) on your countertop, try to put them aside and relocate them after cleaning.

removing tips decluttering kitchen 5 simple steps


And here are some more tips that you need to follow in decluttering your kitchen today

  • Utilize your kitchen cabinets for organizing things.
  • Downsize on cleaning products.
  • Hang things under your kitchen sink (if possible).
  • Avoid stacking party supplies.
  • Hang up your cooking utensils.

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