The Most Phenomenal Graphic T-shirt Designs Of 2019

graphic t shirt designs 2019

The world of fashion relies so much on trend forecasting, but you can’t say the same with t-shirt designs as they’ve been given leeway in terms of design inspiration thanks to the idiosyncratic appeal of these outfits. Yet, there are still trends emerging from just about anywhere that often gets the attention of fashion-forward individuals.

Read more as we are going to feature the most phenomenal graphic t-shirt designs of 2019 and draw some style inspiration from these witty and catchy t-shirt creations.

Funny Texts

funny text shirts

These amusing graphic t-shirts are very popular, especially for youths of both genders who want to express their sharp creativity by wearing something tickles the mind of the onlookers in a unique way.

Asian-Inspired Graphics

The early 2000s saw the rise of Asian-inspired graphics particularly, oriental dragons in mainstream fashion to perfectly pair with tattoos of Chinese symbols (also a popular trend back then).

And was known to be a temporary fad has managed to make a comeback in today’s style movement as the streets are literally filled with people who are wearing Asian-inspired graphic t-shirts again. We can owe it partly to famous streetwear brands like Supreme from reintroducing this brand to the public by incorporating Asian prints from Anime characters to oriental drawings.

Layering Of Complex Designs

Some prints are not dictated by a specific theme but instead it focuses more on the technique. And one ideal example of this is by overlapping a flat color with a complex design. Yeah, it may sound like a very simple technique, but it does manage to earn a following amongst masses who relish in wearing the coolest and most eye-catching t-shirt designs out there. Even top clothing brands like Zara and Kaffe are also embracing this design into their 2019 collection.

Animal Prints

Surely, this design is intended to give meaning to the word “urban jungle”. And although animal printed shirts have been around since the 1960s, today’s reincarnations of these designs are made more affordable and kinder to animals.

Shirts with animal prints can be seen anywhere since 2018 and the designs include classic patterns like snake, leopard, and zebras. And what’s great about this design is that it can cover the entire shirt or just being printed in one area and it will still look as fascinating and organically stunning at the same time.

Statement Slogans

statement slogan shirts

And last but definitely not the least is one of the staples in graphic t-shirt designs and these are the statement slogans.

Sure, they have been worn for many reasons (sometimes, politically-inclined), but t-shirt designers have managed to turn things around by inducing a politically motivated yet cleverly vague slogans to promote awareness on a certain movement.

A good example of this is from the high end street brand Benetton when they released their statement slogan collection promoting positive vibes for the LGBT community.

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