History Of Swarovski Annual Ornaments

history swarovski annual ornaments

Swarovski has earned its mark as one of the leading manufacturers of fashionable precision-cut crystals. And if not for the fascination of its founder, Daniel Swarovski I for the glimmering brilliance of faceted crystals and stones, it would not be able to establish its business as a household name in over 120 countries.

Today, their collection of products ranges from glass sculptures, collectibles, home decors, miniature, rhinestones, chandeliers, and jewelry. They even collaborate with top luxury designers in the fashion industry to create crystal-embellished clothing line dresses and limited edition jewelry collections. And above all, the business has also managed to be featured in popular Hollywood movies like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Titanic” just to name a few.

And in 1991, Swarovski has also released its annual ornaments collection as part of their Christmas products line of colorful Holiday decorations.

Read more as we are going to explore the shining shimmering history of Swarovski annual ornaments in today’s blog post.

swan jewelry history swarovski annual ornaments


How It All Started?

The USA branch of Swarovski has been manufacturing Christmas ornaments since 1980, but they were only limited to American consumers and were not available worldwide. However 11 years later, the company has started issuing the earliest products from the Swarovski annual ornaments collection. These collectibles came in the form of a Christmas star and are worth $1500 each.

Then in 1992, the crystal snowflakes products were released to be included in this prestigious collection and the design was further modernized to give a clear distinction between their star and snowflake products.

The purpose of having these products is to bring the glitter for Swarovski crystals from the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to every home and start a tradition of having a sparkling Yuletide season with Swarovski Christmas ornaments.

By 2011, the annual edition of Swarovski ornaments was retailed and distributed around the world. And each product sold comes with a triangular box, a certificate of authenticity, and a white ribbon attached to the decorative piece.


The Products In Detail

Just as no 2 patterns of snowflakes are the same, the design of the Swarovski snowflake ornament also changes every year from the simple to the most intricate of shapes. In fact, in some instances, the products released are so elaborately designed with crystal-clear cut-outs and sophisticated 3-dimensional features.

That’s why every product in the annual ornament collection never fails to please as they are always sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of this celebrated brand.

rockefeller center christmas tree swan jewelry history swarovski annual ornaments

Final Thoughts

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