Practical Tips In Pool Deck Resurfacing

practical tips pool deck resurfacing

The swimming is the go-to place for most people who want to feel refreshed during scorching summer months. And while the water is the main feature that keeps us cool, the decking of the pool dictates how it fits into the surrounding landscape. Likewise, it also gives us an idea of how safe it is for those who want to swim.

An ideal pool decking must include secure walking space between the pool ladders as well as slides, diving boards, and a lounging area. And if you’re considering remodeling your pool deck, then you’ve come to the right place.

Read more as we are going to share some practical tips in pool deck resurfacing in this entry and know the things you need to do to properly rehab the decking of your swimming pool.



Clearing The Area

First and foremost, you have to remove the furniture and all other movable items in the pool area. Then, the pool must be covered with bubble wrap that is taped into the inside edge. And also, don’t forget to cover the landscape plants and any other structures in your patio to prevent the debris from affecting these areas.


Shot-Blasting The Pool Deck

Use a scarifier or a shot-blaster to sand old and damaged concrete on the pool deck. You can also use a power washer for clearing slightly damaged surfaces.

This process can be really dirty and dusty. So make sure to wear protective mask and clothing to protect your nose and body as do this step in pool deck resurfacing.


Crack Repair

Use a concrete wet saw for repairing large cracks. Cut around the crack and then fill it with a concrete patch. Use a concrete float to level and smoothen the surface.

If the crack is at the edge of the concrete, you might need to build a form for holding the gravel in place before adding the filler into place.


Pressure Washing

Once the concrete patches have dried up, it’s time to pressure wash the surface of the pool deck. Use a pressure washer to wash away dust and small debris that are left behind during the shot-blasting process. Make sure to wear protective eyewear when using the pressure washer to prevent and contaminants (dirty water, dust, debris) from injuring your eyes.

proper rehab practical tips pool deck resurfacing


Masking The Area

Use large sheets of plastics and tape to mask off areas that are not supposed to be resurfaced.


Spraying Of Micro-Topping Material

Micro-topping is a polymer-enhanced, cement-like material that produced a uniformed color and texture of the surface. Spray it on the new surface and let it sit overnight. Wait for another 12 hours until the micro-topping is completely cured.

If you are not sure how to go about with this process, then we recommend that contract a resurfacing professional like LagunaScapes to properly apply micro-topping on the deck.


Staining The Pool Deck

This is the last step in your pool deck resurfacing project.

Mask off the pool deck and spray an acidic concrete stain with a desired color on the coping of the pool. Let it dry overnight. Then spray another color of the acidic concrete stain in 1 session and leave it to dry again overnight and remove the masking after to complete the resurfacing project.