Mistakes To Look For When Proofing A Digital Printing Project

mistakes look for when proofing digital printing project

As humans, we tend to aim for perfection. But no matter how we try to work hard to make everything perfect, we are still susceptible to commit mistakes. And such a situation can also happen when producing postcards, brochures, and other marketing prints. For even if you have developed an appealing design and an enticing offer, there are still slight inaccuracies that will be discovered after proofing the layout.

So take time to read this entry as we are going to share the mistakes to look for when proofing a digital printing project.


Misaligned Layout

This is one of the most common errors to look for when proofing a digital printing project. As you double check the print layout, you need to check these basic layout guidelines:

  • Safe Area – Make sure that all the details to be printed are within this safe zone at all times.
  • Cut Lines – This is the part where the printed material will be cut after the digital printing process is done.
  • Bleeds – The borders and backgrounds should not extend within this area to ensure that no white space will be revealed around the edges of the finished printed material.

Low-Resolution Files

Sometimes, graphic designers overlook this detail because they think the artwork already looks good on the screen, but only to find out that they look blurry after printing. To be specific, the printed material is 300 dpi but the file image is only at 72 dpi, which is why the resulting print looks unclear.

So make it a point to avoid enlarging the artwork. Likewise, secure a hard copy of the design to be printed as much as possible so they can be used to create high resolutions images for digital printing.


Wrong Pagination

This happens because the 2-page spreads are not properly sequenced. So be sure that all the pages are in the correct order from page 1 to the last page. And to avoid this issue from happening, be sure to use a professional design software like InDesign so that all the pages will always be arranged in the correct sequence.

poor ink registration mistakes look for when proofing digital printing project

Poor Ink Registration

Make sure that all the colors are applied separately. And if it turns out that some areas of the print are blurry or smudged, then recalibrate the printer and see to it that the inks are aligned.


Poor Color Reproduction

And lastly, having a poor color reproduction in your digital printing project is a major problem particularly, if the printed material does not reflect the exact colors from the layout.

It’s very important to know that the colors will look different from the computer monitor than the actual print on paper. So it’s important to go back to the hard copy and compare the colors against the swatches being used to ensure accurate results.

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