digital nomad lifestyle

Pros and Cons of Being A Digital Nomad

As technology advances more and more people are choosing to have a digital nomad lifestyle. You no longer need to work for long hours while stuck in the office. You can now choose to work from anywhere in the world at anytime, all you need is a powered laptop and a reliable internet connection. This allows you to have leisure and make money at the same time. As a digital nomad you do not need a permanent home as you are always on the move.

Types of Work for a Digital Nomad


You can get a decent pay by becoming a graphic designer, web designer, typist, a writer and much more. There are many opportunities for freelancers and you are location independent.

Remote worker

You can make good money by becoming a remote worker.


You are able to make others work for you and get good money out of it.

Pros of Digital Nomad Lifestyle

9-5 Job? Nah! I think I’ll Pass…


As a digital nomad you’re your own boss and you choose when to work and where. You are able to adventure and explore the world. You don’t have to sit in the office from 9-5 with the boss hovering around.


Getting to challenge yourself to do what others have done in a better way. You only need to work extra hard to get your desired dream.

Travel Is Just A Norm

It’s really cool when your life is always like a vacation. You get to see exotic places and enjoy working from different parts of the world.

Cons of Digital Nomad Lifestyle

You’re always concerned about internet connectivity. No internet connection means no work for you thus no means to support your nomad lifestyle. You have to always to consider bandwidth before travelling. This may be a great challenge when you travel to remote areas as they may have a weak signal and very slow connection.
Digital nomad lifestyle may not be sustainable. This is true especially if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t like the idea of travelling around with no permanent home. It’s also almost impossible when you have a growing family since moving from one place to another with family members may be impractical.
It can’t be maintained forever. After all is said and done, a digital nomad must settle some day. You might also like a certain place and have an attachment that’s hard to break prompting you to live there.
Its an expensive lifestyle especially if you don’t have constant work which means no stable income. This is true especially for freelancers as there are peak and off-peak times of the year.