How The Big Family Quiz Thing Game Can Redefine Fun At Your Family Event

big family quiz thing game can redefine fun family event

The Big Quiz Thing (BQT) is the brainchild of Noah Tarnow. And since its inception in 2002, it has been a popular customized trivia game to grace corporate and team building events, fundraisers, and other specialized occasions.

And although this premier interactive trivia show is designed to entertain friends and co-workers, the BQT event has also launched a family-friendly trivia event called The Big Family Quiz Thing so that kids ages 8 and up can team up with their parents and have a great time together while learning something new at the same time.

Now can BQT redefine fun at your private parties and family event and foster family relations in the process? If you’re interested to know more about this then we invite you to continue reading as we are going to talk more about this topic in today’s entry.

strengthen family child relation big family quiz thing game can redefine fun family event


Induce A Different Element Of Entertainment To Your Family Event

More often than not, family events are often celebrated with a casual mood. And along with the festivities are some of the usual activities like signing, a bit of dancing, and some games to bring some life at the party.

But having The Big Family Quiz Thing game in the lineup will surely poke a different kind of fun as it allows the whole family to enjoy while engaging in a friendly competition that allows the kids to learn at the same time. Childhood is all about discovery, and letting them participate in the BFQT game will definitely enable them to gain new knowledge without compelling them to study.


It Strengthens Parent-Children Relations To Some Extent

Having the BFQT show is definitely recommended as:

  • It allows parents to experience a different kind of bonding time with their kids.
  • It teaches kids the value of teamwork in winning games, which can be very helpful if they are going to engage in team sports in the future.
  • It allows both parents and children to learn from each other (as there are questions which the parents don’t know the answer, but the kids know and vice versa).

entertainment element big family quiz thing game can redefine fun family event


It Teaches Participants To Be More Tech-Savvy In Entering Their Answers To The Quiz Questions

And finally, another great feature of the BFQT event is that it requires participants to give their answers using their own smartphones and tablets. Now this is typically unusual if you are talking about parents and kids teaming up with their smartphones since kids are often seen playing online games with their friends while parents tap on their phones to look on their social media posts and emails.

So it’s a great avenue for kids and adults to use their tech devices and experience pure unadulterated fun together.


Final Thoughts

So if you aim to have an eclectic mix of fun and learning with the whole family, then consider having The Big Family Quiz Thing game on your next event and experience a unique kind of entertainment with your family and relatives.