The Unconventional Ways Of Using Tarot Cards

unconventional ways tarot cards

Tarot cards are often associated with mysticism and divination. And to some extent, it can also be used as a tool for meditation, spiritual growth, and personal development. Likewise, due to its occult nature tarot is often used in movies and TV shows to depict a creepy and mystical atmosphere into a scene.

Whichever we look at it, tarot is always an item that is linked to the supernatural.

But did you know tarot can also be used in less occult-ish and mundane stuff especially, in games? And rest assured you’ll enjoy doing these tarot-related activities rather than having that creepy feeling.

So read more as we are going to share 3 of the most untraditional and fun ways of using tarot cards.

Here we go…

Tarot And Creative Writing

playing tarot cards

Article writers, bloggers, and novelists can make use of tarot to give them inspiration in writing. This is possible since tarot was originally intended as a storytelling game according to some historians.

During those days, Malmuk (the early version of tarot) was commissioned by Italian nobles to be used in a game called “carte da trionfi” (cards of triumph), a kind of storytelling game. Later on, wealthy Italians have developed a game called “tarocchi appropriati” in which cards were laid in random and the players of the game had to make silly poems about each other based on the cards that came up.

So basically what we’re trying to say here is that these cards can be used to create a story (if ever you ran out of ideas to write about) and define your plot. Let the images of the cards give you an idea what to write about and allow your creativity to flow as you pick one card after the other until you are able to complete your content.

Tarot Masterchef

Who’s not familiar with Masterchef? Well, it’s just one of the most popular cooking shows in the United States today!

Sometimes we want to imagine ourselves what’s it like being a contestant in this show cooking delicious meals under pressure from the given ingredients.  You can actually do that using tarot cards. The game is really simple. All you need to do is to draw a card and think of a meal that you can cook based on that card.

Let’s say for instance you drew the empress card. So some of the meals associated with these people are bird’s nest soup (from Imperial China) or Empress Rice Pudding, if you want to take this idea literally.

You can do this with your family and friends and then share a wonderful meal afterwards.

Tarot Amazing Race

the amazing race

And lastly, you can also make use of tarot cards by playing your own version of the hit reality TV show, the Amazing Race.

The rules are pretty much the same as Tarot Masterchef, only this time you think of cities and beautiful locations that you were inspired of based on the card you drew instead of cooking an actual meal based on the food that you thought of. As much as possible, think of the most exotic places that you want to visit and discover.

The main idea of this card is to let the energy of the card allow you to explore new places that you don’t know before with your open mind and get to know their culture as you play this wonderful game with your peers.

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