5 Natural Ways To Cure Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

natural ways cure hgh deficiency

Hormonal problems, severe head injury, poor blood circulation to the pituitary gland, and infection – these are just some of the proven causes of growth hormone deficiency. And though it may not affect some adults considering they have surpassed the growth years, teens and young adults may find this condition a bit disturbing as it can lead to stunted growth.

Still, HGH is a necessary component of the body regardless of our age as it increases our strength, boosts muscle growth, and helps us to feel active while lack of HGH can lead to an increase in body fat, weakness, and susceptibility to disease.

So if you suspect that you are suffering from human growth hormone deficiency then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to reveal 5 natural ways to cure HGH deficiency in today’s health guide.

Lose That Fat

We may not know this, but our body fat is correlated with the body’s HGH production. And interestingly enough, it affects men compared to women.

One study suggests that obese males have low IGF-1 levels (a type of protein related to growth) and HGH. But after losing weight, the IGF-1 and HGH levels were normalized. So it goes to show that losing all that excess fat can also optimize the growth hormone levels in your body.

Intermittent Fasting

Another research was conducted about the effects of diet to HGH levels particularly, when you observe intermittent fasting. And according to the results HGH levels have increased to 300% after 3 days of fasting and the results have increased further to 1250% when this diet is observed for a week!

Come to think of it, this will not only cure your growth hormone deficiency but it can also drop your body fat as well.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Eating refined carbs and sweets is a crucial factor in obesity and weight gain, which also affects the HGH level of the body. And it can cause diabetes too. So make it a habit to reduce your sugar intake so it won’t affect the production of growth hormones in your pituitary gland.

High Intensity Exercise

Being physically active can also boost HGH production especially if you do high intensity exercise as it can raise the lactic acid due to its metabolic nature.

Optimize Your Sleep

And lastly, curing human growth hormone deficiency is as easy as taking a good night rest. So make it a point to get enough rest as growth hormones are often released in pulses during sleep, but make sure not to oversleep as this can also affect your health in a negative way.

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