All You Need To Know About Nasal Tanners

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When we talk about tanning, we often think of going to the beach and allow the sand to do its work by sunbathing. Or for quicker results, some would go to the salon to have a tanning session. However, recent developments have paved the way for new products to produce a luscious tanned skin without going through the conventional process. And this product is called nasal tanning sprays.

What are nasal tanners? Are they really effective? And would snorting a nasal spray helps you to have the kind of summer tan that you want? Read more as we are going to know more about this topic in today’s article.


What Is A Nasal Tanner And How Does It Work?

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In essence, a nasal tanner is a kind of spray that usually works like an allergy spray but with different results. They actually stimulate the tanning of the skin due to a cosmetic peptide called Melanotan, the compound that is responsible for the natural increase of melanin production in the body.

There are two types of Melanotan, the Melanotan 1 which produces a quicker tanning effect, and Melanotan 2 which is quite slower but is commonly used as the ingredient for nasal tanners.

As previously mentioned, it is applied by spraying it directly into your nose and allow the Melanotan to the absorbed by the body.


Is It Safe To Use?

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One of the common criticisms linked to the use of nasal tanning products is poor absorption rate. To be specific, it is believed that only 40% of Melanotan is being absorbed due to the small opening of the nasal passage. However, this is not yet scientifically proven.

And in terms of side effects, further studies are still made to determine the pros and cons of using this product for skin tanning.

As for the efficiency of nasal tanning products, some have reported having a tanned skin within a few weeks, while others have only indicated small differences in the skin color and will have to continuously use the product for many months before achieving their dream tans.

Overall, Melanotan 2 nasal sprays are safe to use despite being largely untested by the scientific community


Final Thoughts

In order to maximize the results of nasal tanners, experts further stress out in getting exposed to the sun as much as possible while taking the product. Just don’t stay outside longer, or otherwise, you might get sunburned rather than a tan.

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