Tips To Follow When Giving Massage For Pregnant Ladies

tips follow when giving massage pregnant ladies

Pregnancy is a delicate stage in a woman’s life. And while it’s definitely a blessing to have a child, the period of pregnancy is also a time when the female has to undergo many aches and pains due to the many changes that are happening in their body.

Fortunately, one effective method of soothing physical stressors and mental discomfort is by having a massage. But is it safe to undergo massage therapy while carrying a child? And what are the tips to follow when giving a prenatal massage for pregnant ladies?

If you’re interested to know more about this then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to discuss this topic in today’s entry.


Is Massage Therapy Safe For Expectant Women?

This is a common question when finding soothing relief during pregnancy. Honestly speaking, massage therapy is generally safe as it has been proven to have a lot of benefits during pregnancy such as improved relaxation, better sleep, and an enhanced sense of wellness. However, seeking an expert masseur is crucial as certain massage techniques as well as pressing the wrong trigger points can result in premature labor and contractions.

So be sure to choose an expert therapist who is able to receive advance education in administering safe techniques in bodywork as massage for pregnant ladies requires specialized certification.

recommended tips follow when giving massage pregnant ladies

The Recommended Guidelines For Having The Best Massage Experience

  1. Don’t be conscious – Professional massage therapists are trained to be non-judgmental. So don’t feel self-conscious if you gained extra weight or if your legs are not shaved for quite some time as they don’t really care about these things. Instead, what they care about is providing a kind of massage therapy that will make you feel less discomfort and have greater relaxation at the same time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to show some skin – In relation to not being conscious, we also advise not to be shy of showing off some skin. And the reason for this is that massage therapists are also trained to look at a person’s body similar to that of an artist and will never ask their clients to expose more than what they are comfortable of showing.
  3. Avoid having it during the 1st trimester of pregnancy – Having a massage during this period is not recommended as the risk of miscarriage is high during the 1st trimester. That’s why most massage therapists are hesitant to work with pregnant women during the 1st trimester unless there is a release from their doctor.
  4. Pregnant women with medical conditions are highly discouraged from having a massage – And finally, massage for pregnant ladies is also not recommended for those with hypertension (high blood), congenital heart disease, high-risk pregnancy, preeclampsia, and for those why underwent a recent transplant and/or suffering from any form of injuries.

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