A Practical Guide To Proper Eating And Exercise

practical guide proper eating exercise

Eating and exercise are 2 components of effective weight loss. But what most of us tend to forget is that balanced should be maintained in order to achieve a lasting result in losing weight. To be specific, the foods that you are going to eat must provide the necessary nutrients that your body needs. And at the same time it should also serve as fuel so you can maintain a comprehensive exercise routine for total fitness.

Read more as we are going to share this practical guide to proper eating and exercise so you can maintain the balance that you need for a healthy body.

rehydrate replenish practical guide proper eating exercise

Always Put In Mind That Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

The first meal of the day will always be the most important because according to experts eating breakfast regularly can decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Aside from that, several studies have also found out that eating a healthy meal in the morning can lower the possibility of being obese and replenish your body with blood sugar (a chemical that you need to fuel your brain and muscles).

Moreover, eating breakfast is necessary if you exercise so you won’t feel lightheaded while working out.

Here are some tips on choosing the right foods to eat during breakfast.

  • Focus on fiber and protein-rich food options to reduce hunger pangs.
  • Avoid sugar-laden cereals.
  • Include eggs in your diet as much as possible.


Follow The Guidelines Set By The USDA

Proper eating and exercise can be easily balanced if you follow the USDA food pyramid. This is the best guide that you can follow since it gives you the recommended amounts of grains, dairy, proteins, fruit, and vegetables that you need to consume every day.

Of course, you can customize your own diet plan, but you have to make sure that the number of recommended servings and calories are based in this food pyramid.


Eat Several Portions Every 3 hours

It is also advisable to divide your food intake into several portions so you’ll have the calories that you need before and after exercise.

As much as possible, eat small meals every 3 hours to keep your metabolism from going throughout the day and lose weight more efficiently.

Likewise, eat foods rich in carbohydrates before working out so you’ll have the energy that you need and consume protein-based eats after exercise to rejuvenate your body.


Replenish And Rehydrate

And most important of all, proper eating and exercise won’t be complete if you don’t drink lots of water. Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it also boosts the metabolic function of the body to stimulate weight loss and encourage cell production at the same time.

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