2019 Fun Holiday Events in Branson, Missouri

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Branson has annual Christmas festive events happening all over the city. Spending the holidays in this town will show you a wonderful side of the old times, and will give you lasting memories to treasure for a lifetime.


Celebrate with the community and discover the magic of the historical city of Branson together with your dearest loved ones.


What Makes Branson Holiday Events Famous?

Since the time Harold Bell Wright wrote a book in 1907 entitled “The Shepherd of the Hills,” which describes old-town Branson, the city was made known to the world. Many years later, the town became world-famous for its family activities, music shows, and beautiful scenery.


Until the present, Branson welcomes millions of visitors from all over the globe to witness and experience the entertaining recreational events— especially during Christmas time. The locals, and even presenters from different parts of the world, prepare traditional shows for everyone to enjoy the spirit of the holidays. And, the story of The Shepherd of the Hills is still shared in Branson today as an outdoor theater production.


Holiday Events in Branson, MO Until December 2019

Ozark Mountain Christmas

The Ozark Mountain area is crawling with festive decoratives to blanket the whole town with holiday celebration feels. The locals participate in such activities to welcome visitors and tourists who are spending the holidays in the mountains.


Area Festival of Lights

Thousands and maybe even millions of lights “light-up” for the Area Festival of Lights celebrated on the whole area of Branson. This festival makes people grow in anticipation of the upcoming celebrations and events.


An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City

silver dollar city christmas

Silver Dollar City is one of the top tourist spots in Branson, and they’re also one of the grandest to prepare for the Christmas celebrations. Enjoy the decorations, lights, and the dressed-up employees who work at the family theme park. Feel welcome as you join the exciting activities prepared for the whole family.


The Trail of Lights

Witness the Trail of Lights at Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead and Old Mill Theatre. The young kids (even the ones young at heart) will undoubtedly enjoy the colorful lights and imaginative decoration arrangements in the two settings.


Polar Express on Branson Scenic Railway

Looking for a spectacular event? The Polar Express Railway is just the one for you! The express railway runs for miles within the Missouri area. While you’re on board, you can listen to carolings, drink hot cocoa, you might even come across Santa Claus! Don’t forget to let your kids wear their pajamas. Exciting gifts await them!


Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration

titanic museum christmas

Even though the museum greets everyone with a magnificent attraction for the whole year, the holidays seem to highlight their entire planning. It’s almost as if the ship never sank, and made it to Christmas. And, it’s like you’re joining a marvelous party where you meet the crew and other passengers of the Titanic.


If you wish to take a piece of it with you, they have a gift shop where you can buy trinkets for when you get home and reminisce your time with Branson’s Titanic Winter Celebration.


Visit Branson This Coming Holiday!

Book your Branson trip and enjoy all the city events for a wildly exciting old-town holiday experience! Go to Branson.com for more info.