Tips In Selecting The Ideal Bassinet For Your Newborn

best bassinet for newborn

Having a baby is a blessing. And with that in mind, expectant parents have to make a lot of preparations before the little angel arrives. One of the primary considerations is of course, choosing a safe space where the baby can sleep comfortably.

Baby bassinets offer a great alternative for many reasons including space, design, and the convenience it brings in terms of feeding and watching your baby.

Read more as we are going to tackle some tips on selecting the ideal bassinet for your newborn in today’s entry.


The Benefits Of Choosing Bassinet Over Traditional Baby Cribs

bassinet for babies

There are many advantages of using bassinets that you won’t find in traditional cribs and here are some of them:

  1. Compact – A bassinet for your newborn baby will only require small area in your room compared to a full-size crib. And because of its compact design, you won’t have to assign a considerable amount of space for your baby to sleep in.
  2. Easier For Parents To Move Around – Another reason why bassinets are made compact is to facilitate in co-sleeping. In fact, many types of bassinets will fit ideally beside the new parent’s bed so they can look after their newborn during nighttime. Likewise, some models are made to swivel so the mother can make feedings easier as compared to having a crib.
  3. Portability – Bassinets are portable so they can be effortlessly moved from one place to another. Additionally, this nursery furniture also includes a lift-away feature so the parents can remove the sleeping space from the stand whenever needed.
  4. Mothers Can Easily Lay The Baby Into The Bassinet – This feature is beneficial for mothers who have undergone the C-section procedure as they are prohibited from leaning and bending until the stitching heals.
  5. Coziness – Bassinets are built narrow to simulate the snug feeling of being in the womb. That’s why babies will sleep better as they are calmed by the swaddling effect of this furniture.

Tips To Consider In Choosing The Right Bassinet

In this section, we are going to share some guidelines that you can follow in choosing the right bassinet for your newborn:

Safety Standards – Inspect the bassinet of your choice and see if it has an ASTM or JPMA labels as these will indicate that your bassinet meets the voluntary safety standards before implementing the latest federal standards.

Aside from that, you also have to check if the bassinet includes decorative posts, decorative cutouts (for aesthetic purposes), and headboard or footboard.

Portability Feature – The bassinet that you want must include a locking mechanism to prevent the unit from sliding around the room. More importantly, it should be foldable so you can easily disassemble it for storage and travel.

Mattress Support – Make sure that the mattress of the bassinet can provide proper support for the baby. Other than that, it should also be comfortable enough for the baby to use.

Weight Limit – Also, you also have to make sure that the bassinet will be capable of supporting your baby’s weight. A typical bassinet model has a weight limit of 20 pounds. And they are recommended to be used during the baby’s first 6 months.

Rocking – And lastly, a bassinet for your newborn often comes with a rocking feature. Of course, some parents prefer this model to help the baby put to sleep quickly. But if you’re going to select this kind of model be sure it has a locking mechanism so that the sleeping space won’t tilt when the baby moves and prevent them from being suffocated.

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