Sustainability In eCommerce Fulfillment Is More Than Simple Packaging

sustainability ecommerce fulfillment

Technology has made it possible to make some progressive developments in the retail landscape. In fact, the US Census Bureau estimates the total number of internet retail sales in America alone is $97.3 million. And this amount is expected to balloon to a couple of hundred billion dollars by the end of 2020. And through a global perspective, online sales are growing 3x faster than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

With this in mind, retailers have to make certain adjustments to simplify packaging design and shift towards sustainable fulfillment practices. And the reasons for this are complex packaging is difficult to dispose of, it produces a lot of waste, it frustrates the customer for having to go through unnecessary layers of packaging, and it isn’t doing any favors to your business at all.

That’s why it’s recommended to shift to using environment-friendly materials to satisfy the demands of the discriminating customer and to save negative press, time, and resources.

Get to know more why sustainability in eCommerce fulfillment is more than just simple packaging in today’s entry.

Sustainable Fulfillment Explained

ecommerce sustainability ecommerce fulfillment

In simple terms, sustainable fulfillment is all about how you can effectively reduce the negative impact of your business packaging to your customers and the environment.

And while it is often associated with the environment, it also covers social and economic considerations in your packaging design.

For example, if your order fulfillment process is time and labor intensive, it affects your operation cost and efficiency of the workers.

But if you move to more sustainable fulfillment practices, then it can cut on cost, improve work performance, and make your customers happy all at the same time.

Why Sustainability In Order Fulfillment Matters?

Sustainability in eCommerce fulfillment matters because of the following reasons:

It Impacts The Customers’ Perception Of Your Brand

Despite being a crucial part of the order fulfillment process, packaging is often seen as an afterthought. To be specific, excessive non-recyclable packaging has been long considered as customers’ responsibility since the package has already been handed to them.

But the thing is the overall customer experience does not stop there because when the packaging is time-consuming and hard to dispose, it also creates a negative impression on your brand. In a way, it makes the customer undervalued for you have caused inconvenience with the way you package their orders.

So show a little consideration towards packaging and it will surely work wonders to your business in the long run.

Most Customers Are Now Aware Of The Importance Of Sustainability 

The truth is most consumers a have higher awareness of issues concerning plastic pollution and waste that they want to do their part in helping the environment.

man pointing computer sustainability ecommerce fulfillment

And they feel that businesses like yours have the obligation to do the same as well.

If you have not shifted to sustainable packaging, then it will drive away customers from ordering products at your online store because they think your company is not committed to saving the environment.

And as a result, you are losing revenues just because you neglect to make that simple change.

It Pays More

This works 2 ways: you will be able to save money in the long-term because your fulfillment process is more productive, and customers are actually willing to pay more just to get a decent “green premium” packaging on their products.

These are the things that make sustainability packaging a major asset in your eCommerce business.

More Tips To Achieve Sustainable Packaging

And finally, sustainability in eCommerce fulfillment can be attained by considering these sustainable packaging tips:

Avoid Over-Packing

Over-packing to protect the product is no longer necessary because now lies on how ‘smart’ the product is packed. So try to eliminate fillers from now on so you can save money and eliminate packaging waste.

Think If It’s Necessary To Use A Box

Small-sized items don’t necessarily need boxes.

Boxes are bulky, and that can add to the shipping cost. So try to think carefully if the ordered items really need to be placed in a box or not.

Avoid Using Plastic

Non-renewable materials like plastic should be avoided and concentrate on using biodegradable resources during packaging.

Promote Reusable Packaging

Encourage your customers to repurpose the package afterwards to prevent waste from mounting on the landfills. This not only creates a positive impact on the environment, but it also serves as a long-term source of branding for your business.