Drinks That Go Well With Wagyu Steak Aside From Red Wine

wagyu steak drink pairings

The goal of pairing a drink with food is to make the meal taste better when they are consumed together. And traditionally when eating red meats like steak, red wine is always the perfect choice. But what if you want to try something for a change and pair a delectable dish like a premium Wagyu steak minus the red wine?

Luckily, there are other options available. And the good thing is you can choose from alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. So take time to read this post as we are going to enumerate these drinks that you can pair with a juicy Wagyu steak.

Let’s begin…


Beverages That Can Also Be Combined With A Delicious Choice Cut Of Steak

A premium Wagyu steak may be different from our usual steak. But nevertheless, it still possesses a steak’s signature qualities like being rich, beefy, and scrumptiously delightful to eat – only that this type of beef has a distinct “melt in your mouth” compared to other kinds of beef.

Hence, your drink must be able to balance out these qualities to complete your ultimate dining experience:




The hints of rich caramel notes create a complex flavor that can balance the beefiness of the steak. Of course, the brand of whiskey is totally up to you. Rye and bourbon are classy picks, but Scotch can hold up pretty well too, particularly if the steak is grilled as the smoky flavor of the grill is enhanced by this manly drink.

Enjoy your choice of whiskey either neat or on the rocks. Or you can also choose to have a simple cocktail as well so it won’t ‘overpower’ the old fashioned flavor of the meat.

Dark Beer

This beer will also pass as an excellent alternative for red wine as the full-bodied flavor of this spirit pairs well with a rich steak like a ribeye. It also has a bitter taste which cuts through fat the same way as tannins do in red wine.


Pomegranate Or Cranberry Juice

club soda with lemon

These juices are the best choice when eating steaks because they contain tannins, the same substance found in red wine that acts as palate cleansers to prevent the feeling fed up from the fattiness of the heavy meat. And the sweetness of these juices is just enough to complement the meaty flavor of the steak.

If in case you’ll find the pomegranate or cranberry juice a bit tarty, you can mix them with club soda or water.

Club Soda Mixed With Lemon

Carbonated drinks have a way of perfectly pairing up with heavy meats like beef. And that because it helps cuts through the meat and serves as a palate cleanser to stabilize the richness of the steak even without tannins. So to make things more interesting, add some lemon or lime with the club soda as it also creates the same balance that you need to fully enjoy your steak.

Overall, it’s okay to be adventurous in eating Wagyu steak. Who knows, you might enjoy it more than pairing it with the usual red wine.

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