What Is Heated Tobacco And Where To Buy Heets In USA

things to know about IQOS

In recent years, Philip Morris International has introduced their IQOS (I Quit Original Smoking) line of tobacco products. These devices are battery operated and are designed to allow an avid smoker to continue smoking without producing harmful smoke.

The way it works is that a heat stick called “Heets” is inserted into the IQOS device, which will then produce heat that creates vapor rather than smoke. And the product actually clicked since its inception in the consumer market as it is already sold in most tobacco shops in the United States and the UK, and it’s accounted for ten percent of the entire tobacco market in Japan today.

But how does it work? What is heated tobacco and where to buy Heets in USA? And is it really safer than traditional smoking?

Get to know the answers as you continue reading today’s entry.


IQOS: A Hybrid Version Of Traditional Cigarettes

Products that are classified as ‘heat not burn’ like IQOS are described as battery-operated electronic devices that still contain tobacco leaves. And unlike conventional cigarette sticks where you have to light it up to burn the tobacco, these products produce a vapor with nicotine which you inhale once you heat them.

IQOS works differently from customary cigs in terms of mechanism as it heats the Heets tobacco stick to 350°C, which is a considerably lower temperature compared to traditional cigarette combustion at 900°C. Despite a significant decrease in temperature, the heat is still enough for the nicotine to be turned into an inhalable aerosol.

While heated tobacco products produce vapor, they are still different from vapes and e-cigarettes. And the reason for that is vapes make use of glycerin-based liquids called ‘vape juice’, which may or may not contain nicotine. Aside from that, e-cigs vaporize liquids at the temperature of 250°C while vapes can vaporize juices in varying temperatures, depending on the type of mod (vape device) used whether it’s a mechanical mod (heats only at fixed temperature) or variable mod (adjustable heating temperature).


Is It Safe?

The manufacturer of this product claims that heated tobacco products are actually safer compared than traditional cigarettes because it allows you to enjoy the same effects of nicotine without producing harmful smoke. And it does not affect the health of non-smokers because of the absence of second-hand smoke.

However, further scientific studies have to be made to determine the future impact it will make on the health of the user.

Here are more details why heated tobacco products are considered safe:

  1. Increased Puff Rate Minus The Smoke – Users tend to puff more on the device because the cartridge will only last for 6 minutes, which results in inhaling more vapor. Still, this is less toxic compared to inhaling smoke which causes tar to be formed in the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
  2. Plastic Polymer Film – The HeatSticks has a filter made from cornstarch which cools the vapor. And contrary to popular belief, the discoloration and hardening of the filter after use does not indicate the emission of toxicants.

In fact, tests using different types of puffing regimes demonstrated no increase of toxic formation the same way as the result of clinical studies which indicates the reduction in the exposure to toxic chemicals by up to 95%. So based on this context, we can confidently say that heated tobacco devices like IQOS are in fact less harmful compared to cigarettes.


Things To Know Before Buying Heated Tobacco Products

While Philip Morris’ IQOS is defined as an electronic product, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still classifies it as a tobacco product – which means it is still subjected to all the restrictions imposed on traditional cigarettes.

Here are some of the important things to know before buying heated tobacco products:

The Technology Used Is Different From Vapes And E-Cigarettes – As previously mentioned, IQOS uses actual tobacco and not flavored liquid. The main idea of heat not burn is to let you experience the look and feel of smoking a regular stick of cigarette without inhaling burnt tobacco.

IQOS Keeps You Away From Harmful Chemicals Found In A Cigarette – According to tobacco companies, IQOS is less toxic as it keeps you away from the 7,000 harmful chemicals that are being produced when you light a stick of cigarette. In fact, research shows that heated tobacco products have lower levels of toxicants as compared to cigarettes.

Heated Tobacco May Click To Younger Generation Of Smokers – IQOS may be appealing to young generation of smokers more than those smokers above 30 as they are marketed as “high-tech, sleek, sophisticated, and exclusive” similar to iPhones and other modern devices.

Of course, this may pose as an alarming concern knowing that 78% of high schoolers are into smoking just as 48% of middle schoolers in the United States as of 2018. But the FDA has implemented stringent restrictions to prevent easy access of youth consumers to tobacco products like IQOS.

In the same way, tobacco shops are prohibited from selling tobacco products to minors, otherwise they’ll face heavy penalties and the revocation of their business license once proven that they have violated the law.

The Tobacco Cartridges Are Available In Menthol Flavor, And This Can Persuade Smokers To Switch From Conventional Smoking – Recent survey indicates that more and more smokers prefer menthol flavor cigarettes than the original flavor. And 60% of the respondents are between 21 to 30 years old.

One of the reasons for this trend is because menthol offers a relaxing sensation which adolescents want to experience as they enjoy puffing their cigarette. It refreshes their senses in every puff, and mentholated tobacco is “cool and hip”.

And since more and more smokers are looking for a safer way of smoking, then there’s a big chance that these consumers will switch to using heated tobacco products based on the results of the recent survey combined with the marketing efforts targeting young smokers mentioned above.


Where To Buy Heets Cartridges In The USA?

Heets cartridges are available in most major tobacco stores anywhere in the country. And if you want to buy online, you can check out Heats24.com as they offer different flavors. Visit their website today for more information.