jamaican food trip

Jamaican Food Trip – Caribbean Style

Jamaica being a country with varied cultures has a population which consists of Africans, Chinese and African-Europeans. These different races came to Jamaica either for trading purposes or through expeditions to conquer the country and have left numerous influences on Jamaican culture, particularly in Jamaican food. Jamaican cuisine though not popular as Chinese or Japanese food, it is powerfully leaving its reputation in the food world.

Some Jamaican Dishes

Ackee Fruit
Jamaica’s National Fruit, Ackee.

Flesh yellow portions of the seed pods from Ackee fruit prepared together with codfish. This is the most popular dish in Jamaica and when cooked it resembles scrambled eggs.A lot of Jamaicans are high in spirit due to the consumption of this food. The meal is always eaten together with boiled bananas or roasted breadfruit.

Callaloo is a plant which looks like spinach or collard greens. It is eaten as green vegetables and is an excellent accompaniment for codfish. This dish is served with boiled green bananas.It is also used to prepare soups.

Jamaican Pumpkin soup is a thick cream like soup made from the pumpkin that grows locally. Its taste is excellent, and almost every Jamaicans have it as an evening meal.

Coconut Run-dung is a dish made of coconut milk that has been cooked together with codfish, and then vegetables are added with other ingredients to season.

Roasted yam is a dish in which yams are roasted for example white yam and yellow yam. This meal is taken with cooked codfish and ackee meals.

Peanut Porridge is another new food type in Jamaica. It’s boiled on the road side and many individuals take this meal everyday. It’s an excellent energy food and also is long lasting. .

Curried Goat is Jamaica’s most traditional dish eaten when there is a festival for example in a funeral, a wedding or dance. It’s mostly served together with white rice.


Jamaican food is a creation of the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean people. There exists different recipes convincing their eating and providing it with great flavor and aroma which attracts a lot of tourists.