Proper Dropshipping Business Practices: Tips In Setting Customers Expectations

proper dropshipping business practices

Most of us already recognize the challenges brought about by the current pandemic to different sectors in the society. And for retailers, the ongoing pandemic makes it even harder to do business as they also have to deal with the baseline expectations of customers despite the expected delays in production and logistics.

So if you want to maintain a high level of quality customer service while adhering to the “new normal” regulations, then this article a must-read!

Read more as we are going to share some proper dropshipping business practices in setting your customer’s expectations amidst the time of fear and uncertainty.

Maintain Honesty And Transparency, Especially NOW

Transparency is absolutely critical in any business-to-business (B2B) customer support service as it affects the customer’s ability to trust your company. So if you want to ensure your customers will remain confident with your dropshipping business, you have to be transparent and honest in dealing with customer queries.

This is means that if a member of your support team, he must consult with top-tiered employees first before giving an answer to the customers. Keeping secrets must be avoided at all costs as this won’t help your cause to thrive at the time of a health crisis.

Eliminate Unpleasant Surprises

See to it that any fine print in your advertising materials does not conflict with the core message that you want to communicate with your customers. And this is especially true when citing terms, conditions, and disclaimers during orders and shipping to avoid any unpleasant surprises which may lead to branding your advertisements as dishonest and misleading, which can further affect the integrity of your company.

Provide Clear Timelines And Be Proactive In Educating Customers

System glitches and errors can be costly and irritating to customers. However, they’ll be more infuriated if you allow them to go through these inconveniences without informing them beforehand. So as part of proper dropshipping practices, see to it that your support team with reach out to the affected client and inform them about the issue immediately. And since it’s expected that the customer will be annoyed, allow them to air out their grievances and remind your staff not to take it personally. Then, offer a resolution (or compensation, if possible) to pacify the customer and reassure them that their item will arrive according to the newly set timeline.

Moreover, be proactive in educating your customer about what you can offer to make their lives easier in relation to the current pandemic situation. And this leads us to the next entry in this post.

Remain Optimistic But Be Realistic As Well

Be optimistic in providing solutions to your customer, but never go beyond realistic expectations to maintain positive customer experience. In other words, it’s better to provide a resolution no matter how nerve-wracking the customer will react than to offer something that will ruin their confidence with your company. Don’t give false hopes.

Always Follow-Up Regularly

Lastly, providing practical solutions and setting realistic timelines doesn’t stop there for your support staff must also conduct regular check-ins with your customers after the resolution has been given until the case is completely closed.

And these are the proper dropshipping business practices you have to follow to set the right customer expectations during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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