A Basic Guide To Oven Control Board Repair

oven control board guide

The control board is the main controlling panel of an oven that includes buttons for setting the temperature, turning on and off the appliance, and etc.

If the oven is not heating or the burner won’t light up, the control board will display a set of diagnostic codes known as “fault codes” so you can figure out the issue. And when the fault code begins with an ‘F’, then it’s an indication that something is wrong with the control board or a certain component in the panel.

Read more as we are going to share some tips about oven control board repair in today’s entry.


What To Do When The Control Panel Of The Oven Is Malfunctioning?

Below are some of the things that you need to do when the control board is not working correctly:

Unplug The Appliance First

unplug oven

The first thing that you should do is to unplug the power cord of the oven and pull the appliance away from the wall before troubleshooting. Then, remove the screws at the metal panel (at the back portion near the top) using a screwdriver to gain access to the electronic components of the oven control board.

If you own a wall oven, remove the screws beneath the control board located at the inside.

Gaining Internal Access

Find the screws at the backside of the control board and turn it counterclockwise so you can open the control board from the back and gain access to the internal components.

Working With The Touch Pad Of The Control Board

Find the ribbon connecting the control board to the touch pad and disconnect it. Then reassemble the control board while leaving the ribbon disconnected and place it back to its original position.

Checking The Display

Plug the oven and leave it for 1 hour. Check if the fault code will reappear again. If it doesn’t show up, then it means that the control board has to be replaced. But if it shows up again, then unplug the oven, open the backside of the panel, re-attach the ribbon to the connectors.

Check The Wiring Of the Control Board

Disassemble the control panel of the oven and look for the multi-pin plug located at the control board. Then, look for the connector plug (usually have 6 to 8 pins) and check the wiring diagram of your appliance to know which pins connect to the touch pad. You may contact the manufacturer so they can provide you with a diagram of your oven.

Using An Ohm Meter Lead To Check The Sensor

ohm meter

And the last thing that you’re going to do when conducting an oven control board repair is to get an ohm meter lead and use it to determine the ohm readings of each pin. If the reading is below 900 ohms or above 1200 ohms, then you need to replace your oven sensor immediately.

And if the fault code is still showing up even if the reading is between 900-1200 ohms (the normal reading), then it means the electronic board should be replaced because it’s already malfunctioning.


Final Thoughts

When all else fails after doing these steps in oven control board repair, the best thing that you should do is to let the experts handle the issue. Contact Appliance Board Repair today and see how they can fix your malfunctioning oven control board.