Basic Information About Vacation Rentals

basic info vacation rentals

Vacation rentals, also known as short-term rentals are types of accommodation that tourists, travelers, and vacationers can rent for a short-term period. The same terms can also refer to act of offering these types of accommodations to guest in a resort or a particular vacation spot.

To be specific, these places offer house and lodging for people who intend on staying for less than a month (for transient use) so the period of stay won’t be considered as a tenancy type of legal residency. So technically, those people who are availing of these types of accommodations can’t be considered as “tenants”, but instead they are seen more as “guests”, “occupants”, and “short-term renters”.


There are many types of vacation home rentals that you can rent and these are some of them:

Beach Houses And Cottages – This is an ideal option if you are having your vacation on a beach with your family and extended relatives as these types of rental properties are enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. Aside from that, it also gives you 24 hour access to the beach so you can take a dip anytime you want or if you are in a mood for a moonlit walk along the shore.

Beach Duplexes And Condominiums – These properties are suited for single families who are looking to have a relaxing time at the beach. Beach duplexes and condominiums also offer amenities like large pools and hot tub and access to areas like the playground, boat docks, and fitness centers.

oceanview vacation rentals

Premium Oceanview Properties – This type of vacation rentals are fit for couples or families who want to spend an intimate time of rest and relaxation. Likewise, ocean view properties offer luxurious amenities like the indoor pool so you can still swim even if it’s chilly outside. The Panama city beach house rentals from Emerald Coast by Owner can be the perfect spot for you if you’re looking for one in Florida.

Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Rent A Vacation Property

If you are planning on renting a vacation home on your next trip, then here are some tips that you need to consider:

1. Start searching early – The availability and price of vacation rentals depend on the season. So it’s best to plan out early and look for a vacation property ahead of time to pick the right location and avoid extra spending.

2. Check out multiple sources – Make use of the internet and checkout different websites that offer vacation rentals as this will increase your chance of getting a better deal.

3. Read the terms of the contract VERY CAREFULLY – Make sure to read the terms and details of the contract so you will know about the payment schedule and your liability. Also, make sure that the details of who pays for the extra service like the phone, internet, cable, etc. are clearly stipulated in the contract as well.

4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate – Almost all vacation home rentals are negotiable. So don’t be shy to negotiate for terms (like adding another week of stay if they won’t consider giving discounts) until you will land on a great deal.

5.Other important things to remember: Don’t forget to pay your deposit, be informed about the current housekeeping situation of the property, take pictures of the property during the first day of stay to ensure all “problem areas” are recorded, and don’t forget to get the contact of your landlord.