Handguns For Home Defense – Pros and Cons of Owning One

handguns for home defense

Handguns are interesting tools that can help defend and safeguard our lives from serious threats. Imagine a situation where a gang of buglers breaks into your house; in that helpless situation, what can really give you some courage is a handy weapon. This is where handguns for home defense play their role.

In this post, we will be going through the best handguns for home defense, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of getting a gun in your home. There are obviously various pros and cons of having a gun in the home. Guns are the machines that should be handled with utmost care for if not, they can bring great loss to the owner. Some advantages and disadvantages of having a gun at home are discussed below:


Self Defense – There were more than 468.9 burglary crimes as well as 108.6 robbery cases and 55 homicides reported back in the year 2016 (out of every 100,000 peoples in the USA). Having a gun at home will help us to fight intruders effectively, protecting our lives and valuables. Also note that to make that possible, we have to license our gun and get proper training on how to use it.

Defense Against Wild Animals – Animal attacks are one of the biggest threats experienced by people that live in the countryside and near forested areas. However, the mere firing sound of the gun is effective in distracting such dangerous animals. Here, we don’t necessarily need to kill the animals as the firing sound is enough to make us safe.

Increases Peace Of Mind – By considering the above facts, a man owning a gun doesn’t need be afraid of intruders and wild animal attacks. This comes with the advantage of the peace of mind and increased confidence, as his security is assured.

Along with these advantages, there are some serious disadvantages too.

Handguns could be used as a Suicidal tool – Guns kept at home increase suicide rate. It’s an irony that something meant to guard our lives could be used to take that very life, but that’s the sad reality. Statistics on the rate of suicide in the US clearly shows that most of the incidences that happened in 2018 involved the use of a gun as the tool.

Accidental Deaths – As I mentioned above, guns are only safe when we have good practice and experience in using and handling them, otherwise the chances of accidents are high. Unfortunately, the majority of victims of such accidental deaths are kids.

Settling For The Best

While talking about the best handguns, the Glock 43 and Colt 1911 Commander needs to be highlighted. Glock 43 is a 9mm caliber pistol. It is a super accurate, fantastic tool for one hand size. The handgun comes with a 6 round magazine and a super handy grip which enables the effective operation of the pistol.

The bullet can reach a distance of 2200 meters, which makes it a fantastic handgun for safeguarding our house. Colt 1911 or M1911 is semi-automatic, single action pistol. It is chambered with .45 ACP cartridges. The gun is used for a short recoil action. Super handy and slightly heavier than Glock 43. The firing range is usually a distance of 2200 meters, just like Glock43.

Glock 43 and Colt 1911 always rank in the top 10 best handguns list out there and we’re pretty sure that there are a lot of owners of these guns. So if you’re interested in upgrading your gun, you can check out the Glock 43 Mechanical Recoil Reduction System and the Colt 1911 Commander Mechanical Rod Reducer System from DPM Systems USA for faster follow up shots, improved firing speed, better accuracy and many more. Follow the link to view the products.