fun with magnets

How to Have Fun With Magnets

The magic of magnetism can be quite fascinating for both adults and kids hence magnets can be a lot of fun to play with. There are several ways we can apply magnets in our daily lives and have fun while at it. For the young future scientists and those with an insatiable curiosity, having fun with magnets such as the extra-strong neodymium magnets can be a very rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore some fun experiments and other tricks you can try with magnets.

Create a Magnetic Compass

You can make your own magnetic compass and use it to find directions. Simply place a small piece of iron such as a needle on a flat surface and then use a strong magnet to rub the iron piece several times making sure that your hand movement is in the same direction as you do this. This allows the small piece or iron to attain magnetic property. You will also need a jar or bowl as well as a small cross section of cork (coin-sized). Insert the magnetized sewing needle horizontally into the edge of your cork and ensure that it comes out on the other side. Once you are done, place your magnetized needle on water in a bowl or jar and watch as the needle aligns itself north or south along the Earth’s magnetic field.

Magnetic Fishing

Another great way to have fun with magnets is magnetic fishing. All you need is a rope and a strong magnet. While you may not catch real fish, it will be exciting to find treasures that will stick on your magnet such as coins, trolleys, swords, knives or even guns. You can throw the magnet in the river and you will be amazed by the things you will find. In this case, you can use a powerful neodymium magnet to grab heavier stuff from the bottom of the waters.

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Create Your Own Homopolar Motor

homopolar motor

A homopolar motor is an interesting object and probably the most simple experiment that demonstrates the relationship between magnetism and electricity. The basic materials you will need for this fun activity include:

  • A magnet
  • Copper wire (Preferably with a protective sheath)
  • A battery
  • A standard screw

Strip both ends of the copper wire to expose the copper and stick your magnet on the screw’s head and place one side of the battery against the tip of the screw. Attach one end of the copper wire to the other side of the battery and hold it firmly with your finger. Place the other end of your copper wire to the side of the magnet and watch as it spins extremely fast.

Whether you’re an adult or child, there are so many cool things you can do with a magnet. So, play and have fun but ensure that you do these experiments away from electronic devices such as computers and TVs as strong magnets may damage them.