CB-03-01 Drug: An Experimental Treatment For Male Pattern Baldness

cb 03 01 treatment male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness or most commonly known as male balding is a physical condition where a man will start losing hair in a defined manner starting from the temples then going through other areas to create that characteristic “M” pattern. Likewise, it is also responsible for hair thinning the crown area which can lead to complete baldness (in certain cases).

For many years, male balding has been a common problem in men. But just recently, scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of this drug called CB-03-01. Of course, the use of anti-androgen drugs (finasteride, fluridil, RU54481) has long been considered by the scientific community as some of the most effective treatments for male pattern baldness (AGA, androgenetic alopecia).

But does CB-03-01 formulation really work?

If you want to know more, then we advise you to continue reading as we are going to discuss the topic of CB-03-01 drug: an experimental drug for male pattern baldness.


About CB-03-01 Formulation

CB-03-01 drug is an anti-androgen compound that is applied topically. This drug is currently patented by Cosmo and is currently scientifically investigated while having the name “Breezula”. To be specific, this formulation is more of an androgen receptor antagonist drug rather than the usual Alpha 5 reductase inhibitor. And it has a good penetrating ability as compared to other male balding treatments.


Details Of The Scientific Study

According to the clinical study, 95 male participants with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness were gathered. Their ages are between 18 to 50 years old and they were grouped into batches.

The first batch was asked to take a 5% solution of the CB-03-01 experimental drug for 2x/day for 26 weeks. Then, the second batch was asked to take a 5% solution of the FDA-approved Minoxidil drug for 2x/day for 26 weeks as well. And the last group, was asked to take a placebo vehicle solution for the same time period as the first and second groups.

Aside from that, all the groups were asked to the same length, color, and style of hair. Moreover, all participants are asked to refrain from using other medication and hair care products during the course of the study.


What Is The Result Of The Study?

pattern baldness

  • The first group who had used the CB-03-01 formulation showed a notable growth in hairs by up to 39% after 26 weeks of application.
  • The second group who has taken Minoxidil also showed favorable hair growth in the scalp area within the target period but not as similar to the first group. Aside from that, sexual side effects and minimal skin reactions were also reported.
  • The third group who took the vehicle solution (placebo) showed no significant changes in terms of hair growth and even the thickness and appearance of the hair at the crown area.



Based on the results indicated above, it really goes to show that the CB-03-01 drug is effective in treating male pattern baldness. Although, further studies are still required to have more proof to back up the outcomes being discussed above.