Reasons To Get Carshield Extended Warranty For Used Car Purchases

reasons to get carshield extended warranty

Purchasing a used car is a practical way of owning a vehicle. But having this kind of investment also means that the manufacturer’s warranty for parts & repairs is possibly expired. And this is why experts recommend having an extended warranty to cover the expenses during unexpected breakdowns.

To begin with, having an extended coverage gives you peace of mind since the cost associated with vehicle repairs is stabilized and gain access to essential services like emergency roadside assistance in the event of car failures.

So we invite you to read further as we are going to talk about some of the reasons to get a Carshield extended warranty for used car purchases and get the most of your automobile investment.


Carshield In Brief

Carshield is a 3rd party service plan provider that offers various kinds of auto protection warranties for different types of vehicles. Basically, it gives extended warranty protection for car owners like you so you will be protected from costly repairs. And there are 6 types of Carshield extended warranties to accommodate new and old car owners and even motorbikes and ATVs.


So Why Consider A Carshield Warranty Protection?

Here are the reasons to consider why you need to get a Carshield extended warranty for your pre-owned luxury car:

To Cover Repairs And Technological Issues

Most of today’s luxury vehicles come with computerized equipment that is very difficult to fix if you opt for the DIY path. And what’s even worse, having these parts repaired by car technicians will surely cost you a LOT of money.

This is where extended warranty plans like Carshield will come in handy as they cover these technological, electrical, and computerized components depending on the plan, which literally saves you thousands of dollars on repairs.

Repair & Parts Coverage

Of course, this is one of the main reasons for acquiring an extended warranty plan for your used car. Many car makers such as Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and others all have increasing repair costs. And having a Carshield coverage will be beneficial since the actual cost of repairs & parts is covered, which is extremely valuable if the factory warranty limited coverage.

All The Paperwork Is Taken Care Of

Having an extended warranty plan also saves you the hassle from dealing with the messy paperwork. Aside from that, it also gives the flexibility that you need when getting your vehicle repairs done, which is especially handy for people who like to travel as well as retired couples with a mobile lifestyle and families who are going for a vacation.


Last but not least, having a Carshield extended warranty gives you less worries knowing you are covered during car emergencies and roadside breakdowns. And the peace of mind it brings also extends to other aspects in life as it enables you to budget your car expenses effectively so you can allot your hard-earned money to more important matters.

Note: Carshield warranties may vary from one car owner to the next, because not all companies offer this type of service. If you’re interested to know more about the type of extended warranty for your situation, talk to your local Carshield agent for a quote.

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