The 4 GoPro Time Lapse Solutions For Creating Spectacular Sunset Videos

A sunset backdrop is one of the most popular subjects in photography. And the beauty of the sunset is not only captured in still pictures as video enthusiasts are also recording this period of the day using their GoPro camera.

And if you’re interested to make a GoPro time lapse video but is not really sure about the settings you need to have a stunning sunset video clip, then we advise you to continue reading.

Learn more as we are going to share the 4 GoPro time lapse solutions for creating spectacular sunset videos in today’s post and cover the GoPro settings you need to adjust from the playback rate, shooting interval, image resolution, and etc.

Let’s begin…


The GoPro Settings You Need To Take Note In Creating Awesome Time Lapse Videos

  1. Decide On The Type Of Shooting Interval You Want To Have – In this time lapse setting, the image is captured once every 2 seconds. Take note that it’s fairly easy to get rid of extra images, but they won’t be added unless they are shot first. This shooting interval can produce almost 700 images in over 35 minutes of recording.
  2. Decide On The Kind Of Image Resolution You Want To Use – For a standard high definition video, it is recommended to shot at 1920px X 1080px or roughly 2 MP if image. But generally setting the image resolution to 3840px X 2880px (2160px) is still okay.

But if you want to crop the videos, then it’s recommended to shoot at a higher resolution such as 5 MP so you’ll still have more room to crop and still have clearer images even after cropping.

  1. Determine The Playback Rate – The ideal playback rate for creating awesome time lapse videos is 15 fps (frames per second) since it keeps things fluid in terms from transitioning from one frame to another. Likewise, it keeps the video at a steady pace without making some of the frames appear to fast.
  2. Render And Upload – Once you are able to organize the images you are going to use and adjusted to these settings we’ve mentioned here, you are now ready for rendering the video and uploading it on any social media or video sharing sites.

More Tips On Creating A GoPro Time Lapsed Videos Of The Sunset

In this section, we are going to give the details of what is being specified above to develop impressive sunset shots using your GoPro device:

  1. Use A Tripod – Placing your GoPro device on a stable surface like a tripod to prevent your camera from moving, as one slightest move can ruin the time lapse effect.
  2. Utilize Long-Life Batteries – This is also essential so the batteries won’t die out while you are on the middle of taking time lapsed videos. So don’t hesitate to ask for help from the seller if they offer high capacity batteries for GoPro can be charged on the usual electrical plug and a car adapter.
  3. Use A Memory Card With Large Capacity – Lastly, shooting a lot of GoPro time lapse images in a short time can eat up huge memory. So be sure to insert a high capacity SD card while choosing the most appropriate image resolution so the memory won’t be filled very quickly.

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