Ghost: Is There A Scientific Explanation For This Phenomenon?

ghost scientific explanation

The topic of ghost is a debatable subject, especially in the scientific community. Nonetheless, almost half of Americans believe in the existence of ghosts and other paranormal entities as based on the 2017 survey conducted by Chapman University.

But is there a basis to the continuous sightings of restless souls that comes back from the afterlife? Why are there so many people who still “see dead people”? Stick around as we are going to give a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. In fact, we’re not only going to give you 1 reason for the existence of ghostly presence… We are going to give 5 reasons about this subject.electromagnetic signatures ghost scientific explanation

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields have long been seen as a scientific explanation for the existence of ghost. And the reason for this is that it can affect our brain in such a way that we assume the “presence” of ghostly entities especially if confined in a room.

According to Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist who has been examining the effects of EF (electromagnetic fields) on our perceptions of ghosts, he hypothesized that EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can cause the brain’s temporal lobe to have unusual activity patterns. And as a result, we feel (or perceive) there is an invisible presence within our midst.


In a study conducted by Clarkson University, it was found that molds can cause a person to feel irrational emotions and impaired reasoning symptoms similar to dementia.

It was further stressed that molds are widespread in abandoned places like “haunted houses”. And though it was still inconclusive as to whether or not this result is the real reason or just a contributing factor for seeing ghosts, what is certain is that toxic molds thrive in haunted places (as seen in ghost shows).


Infrasound is a sound level that is way below for us humans to perceive, but other animals like elephants can hear it. And according to several studies, low-frequency noise can cause physiological discomfort. To be specific, low-frequency vibrations from traffic noise and wind turbines can harbor feelings of panic, disorientation, as well as changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

Now, it was also found out that infrasound exists in haunted rooms, which is why we developed an eerie feeling and bizarre sensations whenever we get inside these places.

Influenced By Others Who Believe It

life after death ghost scientific explanation

Never underestimate the power of influence as it can cause others to believe it too. In fact, Christopher French, a psychologist from the University of London made a study about this and supposed that based on the result if a person confidently asserts the notion of believing in ghosts during a presumed sighting situation, it can influence another eyewitness(es) to believe that they saw the supernatural entity too.

Our Firm Belief In “Life After Death”

And lastly, the most probable logical and scientific explanation to the existence of ghosts is our belief in the afterlife. As humans, we are “psychologically bothered” in the idea of mortality that we tend to look for evidence that there is life after death.

And since most religions preach this idea, we are conditioned to believe that indeed this is true. That’s why we see ghosts as earthly manifestations of those who have departed and a sort of confirmation that there really is life beyond our physical existence.

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