How Were Chain Link Fences Developed?

chain link fences developed

The chain link fencing is a popular choice for commercial and residential delimitation because it’s highly-functional and it’s easy to use and produce. Aside from that, it is also a preferred fencing option for public events and construction projects due to its barricading efficiency and its low maintenance qualities.

Without a doubt, chain link fences have become a common structure in our daily lives. But how did this fencing material come about? How were chain link fences developed?

If you’re interested to know more about this, then we invite you to go on reading as we are going to explore the origins of chain link fencing and other similar information about this commonly used fencing material.

Fun Fact: According to the Dept. of Commerce, the total number of chain link fences sold is actually half of the entire fences sold in the United States.

history chain link fences developed

Origins And Development

Though chain link fencing has been around for a very long time, it was first developed in 1844 by Charles Barnard in the city of Norwich. And the design of the fence was based on the weaving design produced by cloth weaving machines (since cloth manufacturing was prevalent in Norwich during that time). The machine used for the production of this type of fence was purchased in Belgium from a man who was credited for inventing the original wire bending machine.

Forty seven years after, the Anchor Post Fence Company purchased the rights of the fence production process that was developed by Barnard and began manufacturing chain link fencing in the US. This company was able to recognize the potential of steel mesh material as it is affordable, durable, flexible, resistant, lightweight, versatile, and easy to install – the features that made chain link fencing the ideal choice for short and long fencing applications. But unfortunately, the Anchor Post Fence Company declared bankruptcy after 40 decades of operation due to financial issues.

Then in 1948, the industry of chain link fencing was again revived in the US by J.P. Van Denburgh, a former World War II prisoner of war after establishing the American Fence Company, one of the prominent companies in the business of fencing.

basketball court chain link fences developed



Nowadays, the use of chain link fences continues to be as popular as it was before. It still remains as one of the top choices in security fencing and barricading as it provides safety, visibility and it’s incredibly modular as well. Likewise, it has also become a common fixture in outdoor basketball courts, baseball stadium backstops, batting cages, and other establishments who want to secure their assets.

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